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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Native Northeast is collaborating with Anna-Louise Meynell from Annaloom for a series of talks and tours on Northeast Indian textiles. Anna-Louise is a textile designer, consultant and researcher who is currently doing her PhD on Eri silk weaving in Meghalaya from the University of the Arts, London. She will be presenting her research during the Edinburgh Festival at the Nomad's Tent and with the Oxford Asian Textile Group. The presentation will explore the textiles, techniques and designs of the weaving communities of Meghalaya and their cultural and ethnographic significance. The talk will be followed by a broad introduction to Northeast India and the textiles of the region by Native Northeast.

The talks will be held at:

The Nomads Tent 21 St Leonards Lane Edinburgh EH8 9SH 7th August 2018 

6-7.30pm Oxford Asian Textile Group The Pauling Centre 58a Banbury Road Oxford Ox2 6QS 4th September 2018


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Textiles and Tribal Festival Tour of Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland

Native Northeast is excited to be offering an opportunity to explore the textiles, culture and wildlife of the region during the famous Hornbill festival.

Highlights of the tour........

- Visit the eri silk weaving villages of the matrilineal Khasi tribe in Meghalaya.

- Learn about silk cultivation and try your hand at spinning Eri silk or cotton yarn.

- Natural dyeing workshops.

- Weaving workshops on the floor loom, frame loom or backstrap loom.

- Explore the complex designs of the Mishing weavers of Majuli.

- Explore the vibrant Naga designs and their tribal significance.

- Meet with textile experts to understand the academic perspective and heritage preservation.

- Two wildlife safaris in the UNESCO world heritage site Kaziranga National Park.

- Spot and identify various mammals and avian species including the one horned rhinoceros.

- Visi the Hornbill festival with textiles, dance, song and traditional food of many Naga communities.

- Experience authentic Assamese, Mishing, Khasi and Naga cuisine.

Please contact us for detailed trip itinerary and booking information.


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