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Champak has been our Tour Manager for our visit 23 Feb - 3 March 2022 for a curated travel schedule for Assam & Meghalaya .

Main Highlights:
-Curator of the itinerary & travel guide throughout the trip
-End to End Travel Solution provider
-Fully Customised Itinerary

We had an exceptional personalised experience with his ground level understanding of the North-east terrain . He is a thorough professional with profound understanding of Customer Experience . Thanks,

Gunit Singh (Feb/March 2022)

"I had the most amazing opportunity to be exposed to new and unique experiences. I cannot imagine any other combination of people could replicate this. Anna-Louise and Champak were at the centre of this, but the care and attention that went into choosing our drivers, hosts, guides, chefs and teachers meant that the ethos of native Northeast was maintained every day"

Anne-Marie Taylor, Scotland (March 2023)

"The last 2 weeks have been absolutely amazing. We have been so well fed, cared for and inspired. Thank you for everything. It has been the trip of a lifetime. I loved every minute!"

Karen Haggis, Scotland (March 2023)

" Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was enjoyable, educational and great fun, every single varied day. For me the huge benefit was that every day was different. From silkworms to wildlife, with local culture and tradition, to more recent history thrown in too. Your attention to detail was remarkable and I can't imagine how much time you spent on the itinerary."

Chris Hirst, England (November 2022)


"What a glorious experience of the culture of Northeast India.....The individual interactions were priceless and you have a great team helping you. The whole trip was the tonic we needed away from home and has re-energised us."

Clare Littlejohn, England (November 2022)

First of all, thanks for the better clarity in the understanding of our expectations, and thus making our visit a 'dream' come true.

You are just not a guide but an ‘Encyclopedia’ of not just NE but of many aspects of the Life. You strive to find innovative ways, of giving experiences to the Guests as per there expectations. You had views on all the topics we discussed, right from Social/Env/Geographical/current issues..etc. You are a good planner, and always try to adjust the changes and looking for delivering the best.

Pranjal Deshpande (December 2019)


"Thank you both for a marvelous trip.  I enjoyed it enormously and have come back with my head full of colourful images which will take some time to digest.  Thank you too for allowing me to be part of your family which added to the experience.  I was touched by the friendliness and hospitality of the village people who allowed us a glimpse into their lives.  

I am just so thankful that it was possible to do the tour with you and still get home in good order (before the pandaemic hit). I would not have missed it for worlds – such a wonderful experience, and quite different to anything else I have done."

Erika Hollingdale, Scotland. (March 2020)

My friend Archana, from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and I went on this tour together.   We are both very interested in traditional Indian textiles but she is an expert, who has worked in the field all her life, including writing an acclaimed book called “Shifting Sands” on the textiles of Kutch.  She is now doing research into traditional yarn production, natural dyeing and hand loom weaving for another book by travelling to different parts of India where these traditions still exist.  She met Anna-Louise, another expert on Indian textiles, especially those of Assam and Meghalaya, North East India, at a conference in Calcutta in late 2017. Anna-Louise was not only an expert in the textile field and the region, with excellent contacts, but also demonstrated flexibility, skill and patience in the complicated process of designing and agreeing an itinerary with us that suited our wants and needs.  It was clear that Champak and Anna Louise had been working very closely together behind the scenes in organising and finalising our itinerary. The tour itself from beginning to end in every detail could not have been better managed.   Champak was driver, guide and organiser..   He was always one step ahead, anticipating our every need and dealing with any unexpected logistic problems so that we were hardly even aware that there was a problem.   Caring is something that comes naturally to Champak.  

Sue Mace & Archana Shah (January 2018)

"Being guided in Meghalaya by Champak was one of the most powerful human experiences I had during my trip in India last winter. After Gujarat and Bihar I traveled unguided, I started discovering Meghalaya with Champak's eyes and wisdom thanks to his welcoming and natural skill for peaceful human interaction. Thanks to Champak's profound respect and knowledge of land, traditions, tribes and unrevealed places I had the great opportunity to make me feel like living for few moments in new and though familiar places.  Meeting people, sharing precious moments. This experience transformed deeply the way I memorized my trip in India. "

Rysvan Maleck, France, 2018

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