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What our guests had to say

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

"Having no idea at all of this region of India I completely trusted Champak to guide me towards the idea he had in mind. Since then I cannot stop strongly recommending Champak to all my relatives and friends for their trip organisation and choice to visit a wonderful and unrevealed land and population. Let Champak be your guide, only the good will arise.” Rysvan Maleck, Bordeaux, France.

"Being guided in Meghalaya by Champak was one of the most powerful human experiences I had during my trip in India last winter. After Gujarat and Bihar I traveled unguided, I started discovering Meghalaya with Champak's eyes and wisdom thanks to his welcoming and natural skill for peaceful human interaction. Thanks to Champak's profound respect and knowledge of land, traditions, tribes and unrevealed places I had the great opportunity to make me feel like living for few moments in new and though familiar places.  Meeting people, sharing precious moments. This experience transformed deeply the way I memorized my trip in India. " Rysvan Maleck

"Champak was very sensitive to our needs, he took great care of us and we felt very safe with him."

Lita Hazarika, Guwahati, Assam


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