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Native Northeast is driven by Champak Deka, a fellow traveller and native of Northeast India. His previous career as a commercial deep sea diver and a submariner in the Indian navy took him all around the world, instilling in him an appreciation of engaging experiences through travel. He has traveled extensively around Northeast India and brings his passion, love and knowledge of the region into each journey making it an experience to remember. As your tour manager, Champak applies the highest level of professional attitude, an approach cultivated in him through his previous career and travel experiences. His knowledge in health and safety and his skills as a first aid provider comes as an added cushion of comfort in your journey with Native Northeast.

Medini Homestay is co-founded by Champak Deka and his wife Anna-Louise Meynell, a textile designer, handloom consultant and independent researcher from Scotland. She has been working in India and SE Asia since 2005 initially in industrial textile design and since 2012 with grassroots handloom organisations. She completed her PhD on the handweaving traditions of Meghalaya in 2021. This research focused on the eri silk cultivation and handloom practices of Meghalay. Her research and knowledge of handloom textiles is taking the homestay beyond tourism to offer a deeper insight into local cultures. Her passion for sustainability and hand made textiles is  guiding Medini homestay to become a living archive of natural dye plants, silk cultivation farm and a resource centre of traditional textiles practices of the region. Anna Louise partners with Champak in curating, hosting and delivering specialised craft and textiles tours of Northeast India.

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