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A cultural tour with family

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

"I had such confidence in Champak to guide us on perfect family holiday in the lovely rivers and mountains and gorges of Meghalaya - I had no idea it was going to be so beautiful. The thing that struck me the most was the care and attention that Champak took with the driving, because we went over many bumpy roads and our 2 year old, a pregnant woman and a 67 year old woman all in our group, we were all completely comfortable. It made for a perfect trip."

Judith Marten, UK

Highlights of a cultural trip for families can include.....

· Elephant and jeep safaris in national parks of Assam.

· Boat trip on the mighty Brahmaputra River.

· Walk through tribal villages.

· Experience tea heritage

· Evening campfires with tribal food, music and performances.

· A walk to the living root bridge.

· Outdoor activities for all age groups such as hiking, trekking, cycling, rafting, boating, camping, swimming and many more.

Northeast India is the perfect destination for a family road trip, packed with adventure, culture, relaxation and discovery. There is something for everyone in the family. A 10-15 day tour would cover two or three states depending on the pace of the journey.

Interactions with the local people are especially rich with children. We will do as much as we can to bring play time into the trip, encouraging your children to meet and play with the local children along the way.

As we design our itineraries prior to the trip, we will ask about the ages and fitness level of the members of the group. We make sure that the activities we include are suitable for everyone in fitness, safety and interest.

We take into consideration the distances between each destinations and make sure that long journeys are broken up with activities to keep children interested, and to give the whole group a stretch of the legs!


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