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Explore biodiversity and wildlife of NorthEast

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

"2000 steps down, means 2000 steps up to visit the double decker - not nearly as difficult as it sounds and easily done in a day - a unique experience of a living root bridge and the people who live there.

Guided by Champak to the best places, you are in safe hands with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about your experiences of the North east.

Where else in the world can you see 20 rhinos grazing peacefully with hog deer in a grassland 200 meters from the main road to Kaziranga."

Peter John, Environmental consultant, United Kingdom.

Highlights of a wildlife tour can include....

- Elephant safari and jeep safaris in national parks.

- Assistance of local naturalist to spot and identify species.

- Boat rides to spot river dolphins.

- Observe the migratory birds and learn about the avian migration.

- Possible sightings of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger.

- A guided walk through specific parks for wildlife spotting.

Northeast India forms one of the major regions of tropical forests in India, especially the species-rich rain forests. There are a total of 16 national parks and 54 wildlife sanctuaries in the Northeastern region of India. Assam itself has five national parks and 18 wildlife sanctuaries.

These jungles are home to many mammals, birds and plants. The great Indian rhinoceros is the pride of UNESCO world heritage site Kaziranga National Park. The Royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephant, Asian water buffaloes, hoolock gibbon, barking deer, swamp deer, leopards, bears, pigmy hogs, giant squirrels, Assamese macaque, rhesus macaque, stump-tailed macaque, mongoose, red panda, and Chinese pangolin are some of the other animals sighted in these forests.

The Northeast is an attractive destination for the avid bird watcher, with an outstanding array of native and migrating birds. Different seasons will tell the fascinating story of global avian migration. Among giant hornbills, jungle fowls, egrets, pelicans, falcons, bee-eaters, herons and ospreys, you will be amazed at the variety of birdlife.

From grassland to meadows, marshes, swamps and forests, this region boasts of the richest reservoir of plant diversity in India. Some species have only recently been discovered and documented.

NativeNorthEast can work with you to design a tour that will focus on specific interests or species, as well as proposing a broad yet engaging wildlife experience.


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