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Native Northeast caters to small groups, offering a crafted and personalised tour.  The small size of the group allows us to give our full attention to every guest. We specialise in well-researched trips mixing authentic interactions, seamless logistics and one-of-a-kind experiences into every day of your journey.

When we design a tour, we like to hear from you as much as possible about your interests, age group, duration of your stay, and your wish-list of destinations and experiences.  We will send you suggestions and examples of previous itineraries to kick-start the planning phase, but we aim to make each tour as unique as possible.

Northeast India is an exciting roadtrip destination and the itineraries we curate consider the distances to be covered, allowing time to experience each destination.  When we craft a tour, we bring in interaction with our wide network of local partners and specialists, offering real insights into the life and culture of each location. We suggest itineraries that will take you to unexplored destinations, alongside the well-known splendours.  


We make sure you go home with a wealth of your own travel stories.

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